• Clarke's Tea


If you’ve tasted any one of our teas, you already know how delicious they are. Whether you prefer them hot to help you relax, or as a cold refreshing drink, each flavour will satisfy and quench your thirst while providing nourishment for your body and soul.

But did you know that you can mix and match sachets to create your own favourite combinations? Not only will this provide your taste buds with even more delightful variety, our teas also enhance each other’s nutritional properties, delivering even more benefits in every cup.

We particularly enjoy blending some of our Veggie Teas, but you might also enjoy combining peppermint and green tea together for a Mediterranean classic, or spicing up your morning green tea by adding a sachet of ginger!

Here are two veggie tea mixes we absolutely love. They both offer nourishment for your body and skin, helping to eliminate toxins and prevent diseases by boosting the anti-inflammatory properties present in each ingredient.


This sweet and spicy mixture is a winner in our books! Its tantalizing taste and gorgeous colour make for a perfect drink. But where it really shines is how these two ingredients work together. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties support Beetroot’s detoxifying effects. By potentially reducing inflammation, we heighten our body’s natural ability to release toxins through the liver is heightened, which may also help clear up our skin, leaving us feeling great, inside and out.


Earthy and spicy, celery and ginger come together in a grounding and soothing cup that’s flavourful and nutritious to boot! You’ll see celery’s cleansing effects enhanced by ginger’s ability to fight inflammation. Celery’s antioxidants may help you fight against free radicals while flushing water retention. When paired with reduced inflammation, cellulite can become less visible and bloating decreases.

What are your favourite ways to mix and match Clarke’s Teas? Try both of these and other combinations out and let us know what you think!