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Celery is definitely one of the most underrated vegetables. Most of us relegate it to crudité platters or garnishes for Bloody Mary cocktails. However, celery has been around since antiquity, growing in a variety of places from gardens to wild marshlands. It’s long, fibrous stalks, leaves, and seeds have been used across the world to enhance health and wellbeing.

We here at Clarke’s Tea need no convincing to incorporate this delicious, crunchy vegetable into our day-to-day. Though we love the crisp stalks as a refreshing addition to salads and stir-fries, nothing beats the taste and nourishment of a perfectly brewed cup of our Celery Tea.

Each time you brew a cup of this cleansing tea, you’re giving your body a whole lot of love. Packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, our Celery Tea is best known for supporting our body’s ability to flush excess water retention. Every time you sip on this delicious drink, you’re helping to reduce inflammation and decrease bloating. This not only allows you to look and feel better, it also takes some strain off of your immune system, giving it a good boost. Furthermore, this incredible beverage has an alkalizing effect and can help reduce overall acidity build-up from certain foods, making our Celery Tea a perfect post-meal drink.

To maximize its benefits, enjoy a cup of our Celery Tea every morning. We love it served hot or cold, or mixed with our Ginger Tea for a spicier treat! What’s your favourite way to drink it?