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Asparagus Tea

Derived from the lily family and originating from the eastern Mediterranean region, Asparagus is commonly known for its unique taste and texture. This beautiful vegetable can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where it was enjoyed for its unique taste and texture and used medicinally to treat digestive issues.

Today, asparagus is grown throughout the world, and we’re proud to offer it as one of our fantastic Veggie Teas. Our Digestive Asparagus Tea delivers incredible taste while providing a wide range of health benefits.

Loaded with folate, beta-carotene, antioxidants, vitamins C, E, and K, a cup of this delicious tea packs a powerful nutritional punch. The diuretic properties help flush out kidneys, while the potassium content can help relax blood vessel walls, contributing to lower blood pressure. But where our Digestive Asparagus Tea shines is in supporting digestion. The soluble fibers turn to a gel-like substance once they reach the colon, helping to feed good bacteria in the gut lining. A more robust gut lining results in better assimilation and absorption in our lower-digestive tract while strengthening our immune system.

At Clarke’s Tea, we believe in helping you find a healthy and happy lifestyle, one cup at a time. Every one of our Asparagus Tea sachets are packed with pure organic asparagus and nothing else. Beyond all the remarkable ways this tea supports your well-being, we know you’ll love it for its excellent flavour!

This tea is best enjoyed after a workout, or in the afternoon to help boost your digestive system. We love to brew the perfect cup to enjoy hot or cold! What’s your favourite way to drink our Digestive Asparagus Tea?