Celery (2 Tins) – Cleansing: Helps reduce water retention and cellulite. Decreases bloating. Aids weight loss. Boosts the immune system. Reduces inflammation. Reduces acidity.

Asparagus (2 Tins) – Digestive: Improves Digestive Health. Can help lower Blood Pressure. Aids weight loss. Provides antioxidants. Supports bone health.

Peppermint (1 Tin) – Antibacterial: Contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. Relieves headaches. Supports digestion. Enhances mental clarity. Clears respiratory passages.

Green Tea Leaf (1 Tin) – Antioxidant: Contains bioactive compounds that support general health. Boosts metabolism. Enhances physical performance. Aids weight loss. Helps regulate blood sugar. Prevents disease. Enhances exercise recovery.

Veggie/Herbal Uplift

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